Unlocking the Versatility of Botox with MicroTox® and TheraTox™

Welcome to Derma Pure Aesthetics, where we specialize in providing a boutique aesthetic experience tailored to your unique needs. Nicole Mott, FNP, a Licensed MicroTox®, TheraTox™, and NasalTox® Practitioner, is dedicated to harnessing the power of innovative treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Today, we're diving into the multifaceted world of Botox and exploring its diverse applications in NasalTox®, MicroTox®, and TheraTox™. NasalTox®, MicroTox®, and TheraTox™ represent advanced injection methodologies exclusively offered through the InjectAbility® Institute. These specialized procedures utilize neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport to deliver immediate outcomes, including nose slimming, skin tightening, and myofascial pain relief. What is MicroTox®? MicroTox® describes an [...]

February 19th, 2024|
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